Age 17 Survey

Why age 17?

Seventeen is a really important age – some of you were thinking about going on to university or what jobs you’d like in the future, and others were already working or doing apprenticeships.

We wanted to record the decisions you made then and get an insight into who you were at age 17 and how that will shape who you will become. By taking part in the survey, you’re helping us understand the links between your life at age 17, your childhood and your future.

What did we ask you?

We asked you to answer some questions about your life, do a number activity, and be measured, as part of an in-person interview. We also asked you to complete an online questionnaire after the interviewer had visited.

Who else did we talk to?

Your parent(s), if they lived with you, were asked to do an online questionnaire and answer a small number of questions on paper.

What happens next?

The information collected in the survey will be gathered together and then made available to researchers so they can find out about the lives of 17-year-olds. Personal details will be removed before the data will be released to researchers. No one using the data will know who the information has come from, or who is in the study.

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