Coming soon: Age 17 Survey

When will we be coming?

We are planning to visit you all again in 2018, when you will be turning 17.

Ipsos MORI, the research agency who carried out the Age 11 and Age 14 Surveys, and NatCen Social Research will be visiting you and your families at 17.

Why age 17?

Seventeen is a really important age, and we would love to find out how things have changed since the last time we visited you.

We’d like to find out about what’s been happening in your life. At this point you may be thinking about going on to university or what jobs you’d like in the future, and some of you will already be working or doing apprenticeships.

You’re making decisions now that could shape the rest of your life, and we’d like to get an insight into who you are now. By taking part in the study you’ll be helping us understand the links between your life at age 17, your childhood and your future.

You’ve already provided us with valuable information that has helped shape the way we think about bullying, health, family life and happiness. By taking part at 17, you’ll be helping researchers continue this fantastic work.

What will we ask you to do?

We will be in touch nearer to the time to let you know what we would like you to do as part of the Age 17 Survey.