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Age 23 Survey

Find the answers to your questions about the Age 23 Survey.

CNC 2021 Web Survey

Contents What is the CNC 2021 Web Survey? Do I have to take part? How do I take part? Why is it important? How do I claim my gift voucher? Can I take part in the CNC 2021 Web Survey if I didn’t take part in the last CNC survey? How do I access the […]

COVID-19 antibody testing

Contents What is a COVID-19 antibody test and why did you ask me to take one? Can I still take part? Who was invited to take the antibody test? How accurate is the test? Can I reuse the test kit? When will I get my antibody test results? My result came back as ‘not clearly […]

How we find you

Contents How do you find us if we move? Do you use information held by Government to find us? Do you use information held by private companies to find us? Do you use the internet and social media to find us? What do I do if I move? What if I leave the country?   […]

COVID-19 Survey

Contents What is the COVID-19 Survey? What should I do if I am worried about coronavirus and its impact? What happens to the information I give? How do you keep my information safe?   What is the COVID-19 Survey? We asked study members to complete a series of short questionnaires about their experiences during the […]

COVID-19 Survey – COVID Symptom Tracker

Contents What is the COVID symptom tracker? Why do you want to link the data from the app with my survey data? How will you link my COVID symptom tracker data to my survey data? How will researchers use my linked COVID symptom tracker data linked to my survey data? What if I don’t want […]

Why am I so unique?

Contents Why are the Children of the New Century so special? Why have I been specially chosen? Why should I take part? How was my family initially recruited? Who else takes part? Do my parents have to take part? Why don’t you interview my parent who doesn’t live with me? What has CNC found out? […]

Taking Part

Contents What if I no longer want to take part? If I miss one of the surveys, can I re-join later? How often will you come and see me? Why do you come to see me at certain ages? What information do you need from me? How long will the study continue? Should I tell […]

Keeping in touch

Contents What sort of information will you send me? How do I find out the results from the study? Why do you ask me to update my contact details? What do I do with the form you’ve sent me? Can I keep in touch with CNC on social media? Why do you want my mobile […]

Privacy and data protection

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About adding other information

Contents Do you add any other information to my data? What other information have you added to my data? Who will use the information? Can I change my permissions? How long will my permission last?   Do you add any other information to my data? Information from administrative records held by Government departments and agencies […]

Making the data available for research

Contents Where do researchers go to get the study data? What is the UK Data Service? What is the UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration? What is the Secure Anonymised Information Linkage Databank? How do these data stores keep my information safe?   Where do researchers go to get the study data? We deposit your de-identified survey […]

About social research

Contents What is social research? What is a birth cohort study? What is survey research?   What is social research? Social research is research conducted by social scientists, such as anthropologists, economists, psychologists and sociologists. It aims to understand human behaviour, mental processes, and how people interact in society. Researchers apply different statistical methods to […]

About the saliva sample in the age 14 survey

Contents Why did you ask for a saliva sample? How are saliva samples useful to the study, and to society as a whole? What is a gene/DNA? Why are you studying DNA? Where and how are the DNA samples kept? Why did you collect DNA from both biological parents? How is a biological/natural parent defined? […]

About the ‘Every Tooth Tells a Story’ Project

Contents What is the ‘Every tooth tells a story’ project? How many teeth did you receive as part of the ‘Every tooth tells a story’ study, and where are they now? Why did you want to collect my milk teeth at age 7? At what stage is the research on ‘Every tooth tells a story’? […]