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Update on privacy and data protection

You may have heard that there has been a recent change in the UK’s data protection legislation. As part of this, we’ve updated the ‘privacy and data protection’ FAQs on the study website with more information about GDPR. Please do get in touch if you have any queries or concerns. The key information is included below: What is GDPR? […]

How you spent your time at age 14

According to findings from CNC, teenagers are far more likely to spend their time on social media and gaming after school than they are to be doing homework.

Five minutes with… Nickie Rose

Next up in our “Five minutes with…” series is Nickie Rose. Nickie works for Ipsos MORI, who carried out the interviews for the Age 11 and Age 14 surveys, and who are currently working with us on the Age 17 Survey.

More than one in ten 14-year-olds binge drink

Just under half of young people in the UK had tried alcohol by the time they were 14, with more than one in ten saying they binge drink, new findings from Child of the New Century have revealed.

Overweight and obesity at age 14

Childhood obesity is a major concern in our society. The Government has proposed an action plan to tackle this by introducing several changes including a soft drinks tax and making school food healthier.

Reading improves teenagers’ vocab, say researchers

Research using CNC has found that teenagers who read in their spare time know 26 per cent more words than those who never read. Researchers from the Centre for Longitudinal Studies found that teenagers who read often, and those who had access to plenty of books, were more likely to develop a better vocabulary.