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COVID-19 antibody testing

We are now inviting everyone who completed one or more of our three COVID-19 surveys to take part in a COVID-19 antibody test. This will help us build a clearer picture of who has had COVID-19 and learn more about why some people develop severe disease and others do not.

Initial findings from the Age 17 Survey

Our research team have done some initial analysis of the information you shared with us at age 17. Their findings on mental health, obesity and risky activities, like drinking and drug taking, have all been covered in the national media in recent months.

How is coronavirus continuing to affect your life in 2021?

We would like you to complete another short online questionnaire about what your life is like now – at the start of 2021. This latest questionnaire, like our previous ones, covers the impact of the pandemic on your work, your health, your family and your social life.