Celebrating 21 years

The youngest of our study members turned 21 in 2023!

Instagram post with thoughts of survey member written on it.

We celebrated this major milestone with a series of 21 stories and videos on our social channels.

In these stories, we highlight the incredible contribution you’ve all made to science and society over 21 years. We also share some of your own reflections on taking part.

You can view the posts on the CNC Instagram, Facebook and X.

The postcard illustrations

We also commissioned three different artists to each illustrate a postcard to represent Child of the New Century. We sent all of you a set of these in the post. We hope you liked them!

“I imagined a photo album where you can record your whole life.” –  artist Pevê Azevedo

The postcard illustrations were created by Cat Sims, James Hutch and Pevê Azevedo.

Cat Sims’ illustration

Cat Sims illustration

Cat said: “To mark the first 21 years of Child of the New Century, I’ve depicted 21 (imagined) young people to represent the thousands of participants involved in this important study.

“My illustration celebrates all those individuals, from all walks of life, whose lives the study follows.”



James Hutch’s illustration

James Hutch's illustration

James said: “Each person, through their continued engagement in the study, helps shed light on social issues, which are represented by geometric optical illusions in my piece.

“This torch light symbolises knowledge which affects positive change not only for this generation but also for the wider population.”

James Hutch’s postcard design is an extract of a bigger piece of artwork which can be viewed here.


Pevê Azevedo’s illustration

Pevê Azevedo's illustration

Pevê said: “When I started thinking about how to illustrate a study which follows the same people throughout their lives, I wondered how I could bring together past memories with moments that haven’t even happened yet.

“I imagined a photo album where you can record your whole life through remarkable and meaningful events.”