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The easiest way to keep in touch with us is to use the contact form below, but you can also reach us by:

  • Phone number: 0800 092 1250
  • Post: Freepost RTKC-KLUU-RSBH, Child of the New Century, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL (you won’t need a stamp if you post your letter in the UK)
  • Email:

You can use the contact form to do a number of things: to let us know about a change of address and/or telephone number, to let us know if your name has changed, to send us any feedback or questions you may have about Child of the New Century (scroll down to the box “Do you have a query about the study?”), or to give us contact details for somebody other than your parents who will know where you are if we can’t find you.

To help us find you in our records, we need you to provide your (or your son or daughter’s) first name, surname, date of birth and address (marked with *) each time you contact us using this form.

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If you move and we can't find you, is there someone who will know where you've moved to? If so can you enter their details below. Let them know we've been given their contact details in case we need to get in touch.