What is Child of the New Century?

Child of the New Century (CNC) is a research project following the lives of a group of around 19,000 young people who were born in the UK at the start of the millennium.

We’ve followed your lives since you were babies, and we really hope you will allow us to continue to do so for many more years to come.

The UK is a world leader in this kind of research, with national studies of people born in 1946, 1958, and 1970 still running today.


How does CNC work?

Every 3-5 years, we carry out surveys to collect lots of information from you about different aspects of your lives.

The Age 23 Survey will be our first big catch up with you, now you’re into your adult lives.

This information (fully anonymised) is made available to researchers so they can learn how people’s experiences and circumstances in early life can affect their choices and outcomes later on.

In this way, the research helps government, healthcare workers, teachers and others to develop services and policies that help improve people’s health, education, development and wellbeing, both now and for future generations.

Did you know? Child of the New Century has two names. Researchers, politicians and journalists know it as the ‘Millennium Cohort Study’.

By taking part, you’re helping researchers and government find ways to make life better for your generation and younger ones too.

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