Age 14 Survey


Why age 14?

Age 14 is a very important age – you were growing up and changing, and making some really important decisions about your future. In school you were likely to be choosing the subjects that you want to study for the next two years. You were also experiencing new things, making new friends and thinking about what you want to do when you finish school.

Because this is such an important age, we wanted to record how you think, what you were doing, and how you felt, so we can see how you’ve changed since you were younger.

What happens next?

The information collected in the survey will be gathered together and then made available to researchers so they can find out about the lives of 14 year-olds. Personal details will be removed before the data will be released to researchers. No-one using the data will know who the information has come from, or who is in the study.

Where can you get more information?

All the materials we sent you in the post about the Age 14 Survey (booklets, leaflets and letters) can also be downloaded from our resources section.

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