We visit you at key points throughout your life.

The Age 23 survey is now underway. We would love to find out more about where you are now and what you’ve been up to since we last caught up with you.

These pages provide information on what we have found out about you at different ages. You can find out more on the What have we learned? pages.

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Age 23 Survey

The Age 23 Survey is now underway. We’ll be inviting you to take part in stages, so some of you won’t receive your invitation until later this year.  We are giving you the opportunity to complete the survey online or, if you prefer, you can wait and an interviewer will visit you. An independent research […]

COVID-19 Survey

Thank you to everyone who took part in this important research. The information you have all provided is incredibly valuable. Not only is it helping us to understand the immediate implications of the pandemic, but it will also enable us to track the long term effects, as we continue to follow your lives into the future.

Age 17 Survey

Why age 17? Seventeen is a really important age – some of you were thinking about going on to university or what jobs you’d like in the future, and others were already working or doing apprenticeships. We wanted to record the decisions you made then and get an insight into who you were at age […]

Age 14 Survey

We recently came to visit you again when you are 14. Age 14 is a very important age – you were growing up and changing, and making some really important decisions about your future. A total of 11,726 families took part at age 14.

Age 11 Survey

Age 11 marked the end of your childhood, a time when you were finishing primary school and starting a new chapter of your lives at secondary school. The Age 11 Survey took place in 2012, with 13,287 families and 13,469 young people taking part.

Age 7 Survey

At age 7, most of you had been at school for two years by now and we were very keen to see how things had changed for you, how tall you had grown, and how many of your milk teeth had come out. The Age 7 Survey took place in 2008, with 13,857 families and 14,042 children taking part.

Age 5 Survey

Age 5 was a really important age as you had just started school, so had just experienced a very important change in your lives. The Age 5 Survey took place in 2006, with 15,246 families and 15,459 children taking part.

Age 3 Survey

The first three years of life are a period of incredible growth in all areas of a baby’s development. The Age 3 Survey took place in 2004, with 15, 590 families and 15,808 children taking part – including 692 families and 699 children who joined the study at this age.

Age 9 Months Survey

Were you born in a hospital or at home? Were you early or late? And how much did you weigh? Believe it or not, the circumstances when you were born can affect you for years to come. The Age 9 Months Survey took place in 2000-01, with information gathered from 18,818 babies and 18,552 families.