How is coronavirus continuing to affect your life in 2021?

Coronavirus government poster – Stay home, save livesThroughout the pandemic, we have been collecting information from study members about how your lives have been affected. We also asked participants in four other cohort studies (born in 1946, 1958, 1970 and 1989-90) to share their experiences. More than 29,000 people across the five studies, including Child of the New Century, took part in one or both of our first two COVID-19 surveys. Thank you so much. Your answers have helped us understand the impact of the pandemic on different aspects of life, including mental health, employment and finances, and family responsibilities. Information from the surveys is being analysed by hundreds of researchers in the UK and around the world.

As a member of Child of the New Century, you now have another opportunity to make a vital contribution to our national understanding of how the coronavirus outbreak is continuing to affect us all.

We would like you to complete another short online questionnaire about what your life is like now – at the start of 2021. This latest questionnaire, like our previous ones, covers the impact of the pandemic on your work, your health, your family and your social life.

Lots of researchers are gathering and analysing data about the effects of the pandemic, but collecting information from Child of the New Century participants is especially valuable. Over the years you’ve given us lots of information about your lives before the pandemic and we hope you’ll continue to do so, as we follow your lives into the future. This will allow us to really understand both the short- and longer-term impacts of the pandemic. Your answers will help policymakers work out how to support people both now and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis.

The survey is being conducted on our behalf by Kantar, an independent research organisation. You will receive an invitation to take part by email and by post. You can either click on the link in the email, or go to and enter the Unique ID and Password contained in your letter.

For more information, please check our COVID-19 Survey FAQs.