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What sort of information will you send me?

We will write to you regularly with updates about the study, to make sure you know what is coming up, what we’ve learned and how the study has made a difference. Before each survey, we’ll write to you to tell you everything you need to know about what is involved. You might want to know […]

How do I find out the results from the study?

We will write to you regularly with results from the study, telling you what we’ve found out about your generation. It can take a while to put together all of the information you give us, so it is usually a few years after each survey before we can send you the results. To find out […]

Why do you ask me to update my contact details?

We want to make sure that we have the right contact details so that we can keep in touch with you. You’re such a valuable part of the study and we really value your input. We want to make sure we can keep you up to date with the study and contact you to invite […]

What do I do with the form you’ve sent me?

You simply fill out the form that we sent you with any new information such as address changes, new phone and email addresses, or changes to a contact person’s details, and return it to us in the prepaid envelope.  Where there are no changes to your details we would like you to send us back […]

Can I keep in touch with CNC on social media?

Child of the New Century is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so it’s easy for you and your parents to stay up to date with the study. Facebook You can keep up to date with Child of the New Century by liking our Facebook page: Only your Facebook friends will be able to see that […]

Why do you want my mobile phone number and email address?

We are asking you to give us your mobile phone number and email address so we can keep in contact with you about the study. We will not give your contact details to anybody else, and we will not contact you about anything other than Child of the New Century. You can let us know […]