Child of the New Century annual update 2017

Over the next few days, you and your fellow Child of the New Century study members will receive your copy of our annual study update. We’ve also sent an update to your parents.

This year’s mailing offers you the chance to find out more about the upcoming Age 17 Survey. You’ll also be able to read up on all the latest findings from research that has used information you have given to CNC over the years.


What’s in the 2017 update?

The two updates include information on the Age 17 Survey, including details of what we’ll be asking you and your parents to do when we come to visit you in 2018.

You can also read findings from the Age 11 Survey into your thoughts and attitudes towards alcohol. Plus we feature research that has shown that being born at a low weight has a less negative effect on children nowadays, and insights into what we’ve found so far from looking at your Age 14 survey responses.

You and your parents can read the full stories of these findings in your copy of the 2017 study update or take a look at the online version in our resources page.