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Why are the Children of the New Century so special?

Researchers predict that your generation is going to be much different from your parents and grandparents before you. The world is changing quickly. Your generation is growing up in a time of big challenges, like climate change and international security. There are also new opportunities like globalisation, increasing cultural diversity and new technology. You’ve never […]

Why have I been specially chosen?

You are one of 19,000 young people selected from 400 different areas of the UK to represent your generation. Each one of you was chosen because you’re unique, and together you represent the diversity of the children of the new century. As you grow and change, so do the things that make you special. It […]

Why should I take part?

By taking part in Child of the New Century, you’re helping to make life better for young people your age, as well as for future generations. Politicians, teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers and others use findings from the study to improve services and policies to help young people. It’s your story and only you can […]

How was my family initially recruited?

Your family was recruited because of where you were living and when you were born. Nearly 400 areas were randomly selected for the study from across the whole of the UK. In those areas, we aimed to contact the families of all the babies born between 1st September 2000 and 31st August 2001 in England […]

Who else takes part?

19,000 young people from across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have taken part in the study. In many cases, parents, teachers and even brothers and sisters have also taken part. In the future, we may also want to talk to the people who may be important to you as an adult, such as your […]

Do my parents have to take part?

We know that parents are an important part of your life, so as you’re growing up, we ask your mum, dad or the person who takes care of you to take part as well. We are only able to interview parents who live with you. You can still take part, even if your parents don’t […]

Why don’t you interview my parent who doesn’t live with me?

When we’ve visited you, we’ve interviewed your parents or guardians living with you. However, a number of study members don’t live with both their parents, for example where parents are divorced or separated. In the vast majority of these cases, study members are living with their mothers but not their fathers. Studies like ours have […]

What has CNC found out?

You can read about findings from Child of the New Century in the what we’ve learned section. Here are a few highlights: Pregnancy Children whose mothers drank heavily while they were pregnant were more likely to have behaviour problems at age 3 than those whose mothers didn’t drink or drank lightly. Having only one or […]