Why do you want to do this, when you have already asked me lots of questions? 

We learn a lot about your lives from the questions we ask in the surveys, but adding extra information from administrative records helps us to build a more complete picture of your life.

By linking your survey answers to other information held about you, we avoid having to ask you about things you may not remember (for example the date of a hospital visit) and also save time by not having to ask you extra things in the questionnaire.

  1. Researchers and policy makers use this information to spot new trends and connections. This helps us to identify who is doing ok and who needs extra help, and to understand which policies and services work well and which do not.
  2. This evidence will be used to make better, more confident decisions about how to spend public money. It will help to identify and plan what services are needed for the future, encourage debate and drive change.
  3. Decisions based on evidence are more effective. This means better opportunities and services – such as training and jobs, health services or affordable housing.
  4. This makes things better and fairer for all of us, and maybe even for future generations too.
  5. Without evidence, it’s all guesswork.