Where can my parent(s) find details of the online questionnaire? 

If your parent(s) agree to do the online questionnaire, the interviewer will give them their username and password onto the pink “Completing a Questionnaire Online” sheet that they will give to your parent(s), or leave with you to give to your parent(s).  The sheet will contain details about how to access the questionnaire. We’d like them to complete the online questionnaire while the interviewer is visiting you, if possible.

To access the questionnaire, they need to go to www.cncsurvey.co.uk, select the option for ‘Parent’ questionnaire, and then enter their username and password.

If they lose their information sheet, they can call the team on Freephone 0808 202 2012 or email childnc@ipsos.com. If they provided us with an email address or mobile number, they will also receive reminders to complete the questionnaire, which will contain the link to the questionnaire.